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We all remember candy jars from our childhood. Our eyes would widen whenever our grandparents held the open jar out for us to help ourselves to some sweets.

To keep this wonderful childhood memory alive, we still use that same jar to hold sweets. But what else can I use the beautiful candy jar for after I’ve eaten all the sweets? The answer is simple: the candy jar is an all-rounder and can be used in a wide variety of ways.

In the kitchen, you can use it to store things like nuts, snacks or sugar and spices.

In the office, you will no longer be annoyed by paper clips laying around after you've stored them safely and neatly in a candy jar.

In the bathroom, you can use it to store hair elastics, hair clasps, Q-tips and cotton swabs in an easy to reach container.

In the sewing room, you can easily store buttons, needles, beads and many other tiny treasures.

The advantages of the candy jar build a convincing case: you will no longer loose tiny objects, as they will be safely and neatly stored away; the glass is very stylish, and several can be stacked easily; and the very best part: our childhood memory of the good, old candy jar will never fade away.

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