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Why jars form the USA?

The Mason Jar is a hip and extremely versatile lifestyle product with a certain charm and a vintage design. The jars are produced in the USA, guaranteeing high quality. They are extremely robust and can easily be filled with hot contents. In Germany, the good old Weck jars are very popular. The American jars are less common, but are beginning to gain popularity. The American John L. Mason invented the Mason Jar in 1858. Today, the company Ball produces the jars.

You can use Mason Jars in a variety of ways. The possibilities are endless:

  • a drinking glass for juices, smoothies, lemonades, ...
  • a moonshine jar for liquors, craft beer, cocktails, ...
  •  food storage, e.g., muesli, granola, salads, ...
  • decoration etc.

Our shop has Mason Jars in various shapes and sizes. E.g., solar lamp, soap dispenser or shaker.

Discover the versatility of the Mason Jar: https://www.flaschenshop.com/Mason-Jars

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