Mason Ball Jar Regular 950ml (32oz) incl. lid

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Large, sturdy Mason jar
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Mason Jars
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The Mason Ball canning jar is a stylish, vintage classic from the USA. The versatility of the Mason Ball has expanded over time. Now, Mason canning jars are also used to store dry goods such as cookies, muesli, grains or sweets. The two-piece lid also makes this canning jar a perfect drinking glass. The Mason Ball jar is also used for a wide variety of non-food purposes, such as storing sewing supplies (needles, yarn, buttons, beads etc.) or hair elastics. You can also use this jar as a decoration filled with decorative sand or as a toothbrush holder. Let yourself be inspired by the versatility of the Mason Ball canning jar! Sold without decoration.
Color:flint (clear)
Diameter (mm):98
Height (mm):175
Neckring:screw finish (incl. 2-piece lid)
Volume (ml):950
Weight (g):396

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