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Empty bottles for home use (B2C), wineries and hobby wine makers, distilleries or cosmetics companies (B2B)

red-bottle.de is an online shop with a global team of packaging specialists. Our motto: We want our customers to be able to select from a wider variety of higher-quality packaging solutions. The world is made up of many cultures, which means that designs (for glass bottles, for example) vary across the globe. Why shouldn't we have this entire spectrum available to us to choose from? We are constantly on the look-out for new and exciting designs from all over the world and offer our customers “surprising” products in addition to the “standard” range: the unique oval champagne bottle, the first online shop to offer the Pure Glass Collection, real black glass, decorative glasses from the USA, and much more.

Glasses and bottles from Southern Europe

A variety of our exceptional bottles come from carefully selected partners in Southern Europe. The distinctive designs and top quality of our glasses and bottles is what sets them apart. Some of the products we offer can only be purchased in Germany through our shop.

Exceptional bottles, canning jars, non-food containers – our range of products

In our shop you will find wine and spirits bottles, canning jars, or even apothecary bottles and other non-food containers such as cosmetic pots or cream jars as well as decorative and vintage bottles. An excellent example of an exceptional bottle is the famous Mason jar with its screw-on lid in various shapes and sizes. Naturally, our shop also offers a wide range of caps and lids which perfectly match our empty bottles.

Here you will find a  solution  for anything you want to package in the distinctive material glass.


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